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Hotels in America

Are you looking for the best hotel deals in America? offers you a wide selection of hotels in North America, Central America and South America, at the best prices.  Plan your trip now! 

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Hotels in America

You already know your next destination in america!? Book your hotel is really easy!, if you are travelling to The United States of America, in north America, or to the Caribbean beaches, even those beautiful places in Argentina, in we help you booking your hotel quickly and easily

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Would like to spend fantastic holidays abroad? Have you ever been in the new world? If you have never been to America, HotelNights have the solution to this problem... Take a look to our large selection for hotels in America and book the best accommodation with the lowest prices. 

America is the second largest Continent on earth; it’s divided in 3 different subcontinents: North America, Central America and South America, which run from pole to pole the Earth's surface collecting multitude of landscapes and images of the 35 countries that comprise it.  HotelNights brings you the best selection for hotels in America always with the lowest price guarantee. 

This continent have so many famous destinations, America is so big that have many options, from amazing beaches on the Caribbean sea , to the glaciers of Tierra del Fuego, or large cities of The United States of America, so you can choose! What you really want to see in America? 

Beach destinations in America  

America has a very famous beach destinations, specially in the Caribbean, without any doubt Dominican Republic is one of those, the most known worldwide is Punta Cana, is also considered the best beach holiday resort of all inclusive in the area. A very popular destination is Mexico, especially Cancun and Carmen beach, Tulum and Cozumel, at the Quintana Roo region. Also the hotels of Cancun have the best and attractive services, besides the stunning views. HotelNights have a large selection of hotels in Mexico take a look to our offers. 

Other very good option is Cuba, a unique island with a special social condition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find amazing hotels… other destinations with same characterizes but with their own charm are Jamaica, Belize, Bahamas, Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico and much more…. 

Holidays in The United States of America

The united states of America, deserve his own chapter, because have so many different options… this country of the American continent, is the one who have more tourists every year; the most visited destination is the big Apple… and of course you can find many different options of hotels. 

Other interesting places in The United States are Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Other outstanding attractions are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, Niagara Falls, and the big lakes, also have a very good offers for hotels in Chicago.  Visit now HotelNights and take a look to our unbeatable deals in The United States. 

Vacations in South America. 

In South America there are also many destinations, from different point of view… holidays at the beach or cultural tourism. The best example of beach holidays is Fortaleza in Brazil, a country with many amazing beaches destinations. A reference of the cultural tourism, and probably the best known, can be found at the Andes of Peru, Machu Picchu. 

There are not many Hotels in Machu Picchu, but the options fulfills its function, offering comfortable accommodation for tourists to rest after a long day hike to climb the magical Inca city.. South America also have an amazing destination for those who enjoy and loves the nature, the Galapagos Island, in Ecuador, is a destination with few hotels, but it is a place you should go once in your life.