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Cheap hotels in Rome

Would you like to discover Rome? One of the most touristic towns of Europe thanks to its unparalleled offer of culture, amusement and history: exquisite cuisine, Mediterranean environment, impressive monuments, astonishing museums, cool weather... Rome has it all! ¡Book right now one of the cheap hotels in Rome with Best Rate Guarantee and save a bundle!

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Rome Accommodation

Rome has many beautiful corners and a wide selection of hotels. Choose the Rome neighborhood you prefer to find your hotel. In the Eternal City you can find a variety of accommodation of all types and for all budgets. From luxury hotels to cheap hotels: a wide offer for all tastes, always with the Best Rate Guanrantee.

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All districts of Rome
Rome Tourism Information
It is known that all roads lead to Rome: a visit to Rome is something you cannot miss. The capital of Italy is one of world most visited cities, second only to Paris, an essential destination for everyone. This is why Rome is the center of the world, Caput Mundi. 

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What to see during your stay in cheap hotels in Rome  

Rome is an open air museum. By simply walking through the streets you will realize that every corner is unique and exciting. It is true that there are some visits in Rome that are essential for their beauty and what they represent, but the city itself is a great work of art that will leave you spellbound.  

The first step of your journey is the Coliseum. It is the most representative monument of Rome and perhaps of Italy, a great arena where bloody fighting of the Gladiators were held. Also the Vatican Museums are great to see. Located in Vatican City, they are one of the largest art collections in the world. Apart from all the collections of art and valuables (not just religious), the most famous of the Vatican Museums is the Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo. San Peter Square, along with Basilica of St. Peter, are the main spots of this area. 

Among the columns, generating a special optical effect if you stand in a specific marked point of the square, thousands of worshipers gather every Sunday to hear the Pope's Angelus. Close to this place you’ll find plenty of cheap hotels in Rome. There are some special places linked to the past of Rome. For instance, the Roman Forum, the commercial and political center of ancient Rome and one of the finest examples of the architecture of the Rome emperors. 

The Catacombs are also great, underground ancient tombs where the Christians hided during their prosecutions. And you definitely have to see the Pantheon, an ancient temple dedicated to the gods of Olympus and later converted into a church. It is characterized by its dome with a hole in the middle. 

On the other hand, the Fontana di Trevi is one of the most famous fountains in the world, and located in the small square of the same name, has been portrayed in numerous works of art and movies. You can also go to the Domus Aurea, the luxurious residence of Nero, one of the main tourist attractions of Rome. There is a lot of cheap hotels in Rome close this place.  

Then you must walk through the big amount of beautiful squares of the city. First one is Piazza di Spagna, the most famous square in Rome. Especially its stairway Trinita dei Monti is one of the most spectacular places of Rome. Also Piazza Venezia, that the heart of the capital, where are located the Vittoriano, a large building erected in honor of Victor Emmanuel II the first king of Italy. Oh, and don’t forget the Piazza del Campidoglio, on the summit of one of the seven hills that make up Rome's Campidoglio. 

Rome Accommodation: other places to stay during your trip  

There are also a few streets you must walk and enjoy, and where we hope you can pick one of our cheap hotels in Rome. First of them is Via dei Fori Imperiali. This street between the Coliseum and Piazza Venezia, crosses the area of the Fori Imperiali. The Via della Concilizione is also the main access route to the Vatican City and offers a fantastic view of the Basilica of St. Peter. Lastly, we encourage taking a walk along the Via Veneto. 

If you want to know about the best neighborhoods of the city, Trastevere is one of the most famous ones in Rome, with narrow cobbled streets where you'll find a lively nightlife, full of bars and restaurants of excellent quality and affordable prices. Among our offer of cheap hotels in Rome you can find some accommodations in this neighborhood. 

You also should know the Route of the seven churches. For Catholic pilgrims the route of the seven churches is a "mandatory" journey. Even if you are not a believer these seven churches are masterpieces of religious architecture. 

Rome is also a city with plenty of palaces. The wealth of the Roman bourgeoisie during the Renaissance produced a lot of very beautiful mansions scattered throughout the entire city, which today have many uses, from government buildings to private residences belonging even to the families that built it. The best known are: Barberini Palace, Farnese Palace, Madama Palace and Chigi Palace. Write these names down if you are looking through our list of cheap hotels in Rome.  

A place that Romans love is the Villa Borghese, Rome's green lung, where you can enjoy a moment of pause from the heavy traffic of the Italian capital. It is surrounded by nature and numerous monuments, fountains and classical statues. The Baths of Caracalla, on the Aventine, are the most famous of Rome and the best preserved. 

By last, once you have arrived to one of our cheap hotels in Rome, the Colonna Circus, characterized by the column of Marcus Aurelius in the center that celebrates the emperor's military victories, is a great spot too, and we totally recommend it. The same goes to Navona Square and Via Condotti or Via Frattini. In these two streets are located the high fashion stores: Gucci, Prada, to Armani and many more ... We recommend approaching these streets with well-filled wallet! Also Via del Corso is the biggest shopping street in Rome, where you will find all the main shopping stores. 

Events in Rome 

Rome is great to visit during special dates like the Carnival of Rome or the Birth of Rome. On this day the Romans celebrate the founding of the ancient city with festivals and fireworks. The 25th of April Italy also celebrates the release of German domination in World War II with cultural and memory events. And the 2nd of June Italy celebrates its Republic and Rome held a large military parade accompanied by events throughout the city. Consider booking one of our cheap hotels in Rome having these dates in mind.  

On the other hand, the 1st of May, the day of the workers, Rome held a big concert that lasts all day in Piazza di Porta San Giovanni, with national and international artists, famous and less known. Rome Marathon, in the month of March, also allows running in an environment with thousands of years of history. 

And in your visit to Rome one thing you cannot miss is to enjoy is the incredible cuisine of the Italian capital. Some examples are pasta dishes such as Spaghetti alla Carbonara or Bucatini all'Amatriciana. Then Pecorino cheese or the famous local ham Mortadella, called Mortazza by locals, and the Porchetta. And for dessert you cannot miss a tasty Italian ice cream or a delicious tiramisu.
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